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Beautederm Intense Pulsed Light Anti Wrinkle Instrument IPL PROMO FREE CRISTAUX SUPREME 15ML

Beautederm Intense Pulsed Light Anti Wrinkle Instrument IPL PROMO FREE CRISTAUX SUPREME 15ML

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This portable IPL Anti-wrinkle Instrument designed to firm and tighten the skin while reducing the presence of double chin to give you a more sculpted jawline. See instant results in just a few uses. Promotes blood circulation and stimulates the acupuncture.


• Red
• Black
• White

Using the latest Intense Pulsed Light Technology, this Anti-wrinkle Instrument from your most trusted beauty brand, Beautederm, promotes blood circulation and stimulates the acupuncture points on your neck. It has three (3) IPL acoustic modes: BLUE, GREEN and RED. With regular use, it will significantly and visibly diminish fine lines, wrinkles, scars and other skin discoloration, and will slim down your double chin to give you a more sculpted jawline.

• Skin Firming/Tightening
• Reduction of Double Chin
• Anti-wrinkle

Product Name: Intense Pulsed Light Anti-wrinkle Instrument
Product Model: BD-2098
Rated Power: 2.5W
Battery Parameter: 3.7V/1000mAh
Charging Time: 3 Hours
Product Size: 89x47x120MM
Working Length: It automatically goes to standby mode after 4 minutes and shuts off after 1 minute of non-operations

How to use

*Clean the dirt in the deep pores, realize the functions of shrinking pores, fading color spots and removing acne, and solve the problem of the skin’s dark color and lackluster.
❤️ RED = EMS nursing mode
*Thoroughly introduce skin care products, strengthen skin activity, and realize the effects of the skin rejuvenation, whitening skin and fading wrinkles. Tepidity and moisture mode.
💙 BLUE = Warm import mode (HOT)
*Tepidity massage promotes skin circulation, lifts tightness and elasticity of the skin, and keeps the skin in the best state for a long term so as to recover the luster and activity of the skin.

Notes for Equipment at Use:
Long press the power button for over 1.5s to turn on the device, it cannot be used when charging. Product Parameter
At use, fingers hold the induction bar on the two sides of the device and a loop is formed with the human body.
This product adopts micro-current ion technology, so light current sense is normal phenomenon, and please be assured to use it.

Safety Precautions:
💡It is generally not advisable for people who have undergone facial plastic surgery, subcutaneous metal implant and those who are pregnant or within the period to use this product.
💡Wipe the introduction head with tissues, refrain from washing it with water and from touching metal.
💡Please not put it in the bathroom or other humid places, as it is easy to cause a short circuit
💡Each mode can only be used once each day, and it is recommended that three modes are used in succession once each day
💡It is only for nursing face and neck, avoiding pox, acne and anti redness. It is not advisable for people who have allergic skin to use this product every day, but once a week is ok.
💡When the product needs maintenance, please confirm that the power is turned off first. If not, there is a possibility of stimulation when it is maintained with wet paper towel to towel.
💡Please not wash the device with water, and wet paper towel or soft cloth dipping a little soap liquid can be used for wiping; cotton pad fixing ring can be directly flushed with clean water.


Ethyl Alcohol, Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis (aloe vera), Leaf Juice, Fragrance Oil, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) Essential Oil, Carbomer, Menthyl Lactate, Sorbitan, Mono-9-Octadecanoate, Poly (oxyl-1,2-Ethanrdily) Derivatives, Triethanolamine, Lactic Acid, Aqua, 2-Hydroxy Propionic Acid

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