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Beautederm Reverie Soy Candles

Beautederm Reverie Soy Candles

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The aromatic scent of soy candle helps you relax and calms your mind, body and spirit after a long tiring day!



-Into The Woods (Bamboo Scent)
-Smells Like Candy (Cherry Scent)
-Time To Bloom (Fresh Rose Scent)
-Something Minty (Eucalyptus Scent)
-Rest & Relaxation (Lavender Scent)
-Matcha to Love (Green Tea Scent)
-Take Me Away (Cherry -Blossoms Scent)

🗹Freshens any area
🗹Long-lasting scent

Into The Woods (Bamboo Scent)
Step into the clean and earthy scent that makes you feel like waking up in the middle of a misty bamboo garden on a calm and drizzly day.

Smells Like Candy (Cherry Scent)
Pop into the sweet scent that brings back the child in you; every innocent, cherry candy-loving and playful part of you.

Time To Bloom (Fresh Rose Scent)
Wander into the spring scent that gives off that feeling of walking through a maze of roses, waiting for the full blossom of a floral symphony.

Something Minty (Eucalyptus Scent)
Bite into the cold scent that reminds you of the breezy, minty eucalyptus feeling after a lingering and refreshing shower.

Rest & Relaxation (Lavender Scent)
Surrender into the calm scent that slips you into the serene and calming lavender water, like a soothing and tranquil embrace after a long day.

Matcha to Love (Green Tea Scent) 
It fills the room of its serene and warming scent. It's not too overpowering and has the right amount of aroma to induce calmness and provide inner peace.

Take Me Away (Cherry Blossoms Scent) 
It has a relaxing scent of cherry blossoms, made with 100% soy wax and perfect for your relaxation time, after a long tiring day!


Perfume oil, Ethyl Alcohol, Dypropylene Glycol, Distilled Water, Preservatives

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