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BUY Beautederm Reiko ShiroSan (Whitening & Anti-Aging) 20 Effervescent Tablets PROMO

BUY Beautederm Reiko ShiroSan (Whitening & Anti-Aging) 20 Effervescent Tablets PROMO

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Dietary supplement that contains a proprietary blend of Marine Collagen Peptides + Vitamin C


-Improves suppleness
-This has Gluta Collagen (Highest Grade Maximum Absorption Marine Collagen/Anti-Aging)
-Non-Acidic Vitamin C (Antioxidant)
-Organic Blueberry (Power Antioxidant, prevents appearance of spider and varicose veins as well as wrinkle formation)
-Can be dissolve

For adult use only. Not intended for children, pregnant and/or lactating women and those who have known allergies.

How to use

Suggested Use:
Dissolve one (1) tablet in a glass of water and drink before a meal once daily, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.


Blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) – is known for its antioxidant benefits and skinconditioning effects. It works on a cellular level to combat skin dullness, dryness, and texture; it softens skin, aids in moisture retention, helps improve the way dead skin cells are shed, and gives a nourishing boost to the new cells that replace them to make skin appear brighter and healthier, thanks to its high content of Vitamin C.

Sorbitol - a conditioning agent for the skin, preventing moisture loss from both the skin
and hair.

Fish Collagen Peptides (Collagen Type lI)- helps improve skin hydration, firmness,
smoothness, elasticity, and suppleness.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Sodium (Sodium Chloride), Zinc (Zinc Gluconate)

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