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Beautederm V-Lift Portable RF Machine VLIFT ONLY

Beautederm V-Lift Portable RF Machine VLIFT ONLY

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A beaute machine that reduces early signs of skin aging by lifting and tightening skin for a healthy and youthful-looking.


RF is a non-surgical technology of “reshaping” the body and face. It uses a magnetic power RF firming device to achieve wrinkle removal, which produces the special Radio frequency waves at the deep skin layer.

Product Characteristics
1. Microelectric pulse, activate the deep introduction of cells
2. Deep wrinkle, enhance skin elasticity
3. Pigment decomposition, desalination of color spots
4. Promote skin circulation and lymphoid metabolism
5. Massage the skin and enhance the vitality of the cells
6. Multi-functional 4 gear strength to meet a variety of needs

Matters needing attention
1. Please confirm that this product is working properly before using this product, and then use this product
2. This product is limited to face, neck and use only. Do not use it in other parts of the body
3. If there is inflammation in the face, it is necessary to wait for the symptoms to disappear before using it
4. When operating the fuselage and skin beauty head should be prohibited from using it

How to use

Function Introduction
1. Phototherapy + RF RFMode
Press the power key for 3 seconds, turn on phototherapy + RF RF mode, suitable for periodic care of skin beauty head contact skin, head touch surface slowly began to use high frequency electromagnetic wave directly to the skin dermis, through electromagnetic wave conversion into heat, activate collagen to promote regeneration, promote skin nutrition absorption.
2. Phototherapy + UP Import Mode
Adjusting gear switch to turn on phototherapy + UP introduction mode, High energy super pulse is suitable for cycle nursing to open skin channel with pulse current, expand cell space and increase the introduction and absorption of skin.
3. Phototherapy + MF Skin Rejuvenation Mode
Adjust the gear switch to turn on phototherapy + MF radiate skin introduction mode, suitable for periodic nursing, intermediate frequency intermittent electric pulse soothing the finger pressure massage of simulated beautician, promoting microcirculation and awakening skin vitality.
4. Phototherapy + Lift Pulse Mode
Adjust the gear switch to turn on phototherapy + Lift promotion introduction mode, suitable for daily skin care micro-current stimulation skin, optimize skin microcirculation, raise jaw line, full apple muscle, tight plastic face, dilute the traces of time.
5. LED Five Phototherapeutic Nursing Models
Adjust the gear switch to turn on LED five color light nursing mode is suitable for 8 normal skin care desalination fine lines tight up, bright white, anti-acne recalcitrant pores.
6. VR Vibration Mode
Double-click the gear switch to turn on phototherapy + VR vibration introduction mode, which is suitable for daily skin care to relieve the irritation of micro-current and massage the skin

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